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The Fellowship of the Ice Rings

Alexei Kouraev - LEGOS, University of Toulouse, France
Andrey Suknev - Great Baikal Trail Buryatiya, Ulan-Ude

Since 2010 during our field works on lakes Baikal and Hovsgol directly participated or helped to organise: T. Tivikova (Turka), A. Karelin (Ulan-Ude), A. Laletin (Krasnoyarsk), S. Sushkeev (Shimki), Khurga and Byamba (Khankh, Mongolia), R. Zdorovennov (Petrozavodsk), A. Beketov and M. Fomenko (Ust-Barguzin), J-F Cretaux (Toulouse), I. Polikarpov (Kuwait), D. Andryushenko (Moscow), D. Zyryanov (Paris, Moscow) and many others. Thank you all!

Giant ice rings and features of ice cover is a very complex and interesting issue and we need your help!

We are looking for information on new ice rings and on strange and unusual ice phenomena.

Please contact us at: