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(c) A. Kouraev and The Fellowship of the Ice Rings, 2016-2021

The Fellowship of the Ice Rings

Alexei Kouraev - LEGOS, University of Toulouse, France
Andrey Suknev - Great Baikal Trail Buryatiya, Ulan-Ude

Since 2010 during our field works on lakes Baikal and Hovsgol directly participated or helped to organise: T. Tivikova (Turka), A. Karelin (Ulan-Ude), A. Laletin (Krasnoyarsk), S. Sushkeev (Shimki), Khurga and Byamba (Khankh, Mongolia), R. Zdorovennov (Petrozavodsk), A. Beketov and M. Fomenko (Ust-Barguzin), J-F Cretaux (Toulouse), I. Polikarpov (Kuwait), D. Andryushenko (Moscow) and many others. Thank you all!

Our scientific team: F. Remy, N. Hall (LEGOS, Toulouse), A.G. Kostianoy (Institute of Oceanology, Moscow), M. N. Shimaraev (Institute of Limnology, Irkutsk), E.A. Zakharova (Institute of Water Problems, Moscow) as well as many others who help us to better understand ice rings and water dynamics in lakes.

Giant ice rings and features of ice cover is a very complex and interesting issue and we need your help!

We are looking for information on new ice rings and on strange and unusual ice phenomena.

Please contact us at: