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Papers and resources on giant ice rings

Giant ice rings on Lakes Baikal and Hovsgol: inventory, associated water structure and potential formation mechanism, Kouraev A.V., Zakharova E.A., Remy F., Kostianoy A.G., Shimaraev M.N., Hall N.M.J., Suknev A.Ya., Limnology and Oceanography 61, 2016, p. 1001-1014, doi: 10.1002/lno.10268
paper in pdf
paper in pdf on the journal's web site
Authors translation of the same article in Russian pdf

Booklet "Giant ice rings of lakes Baikal and Hovsgol in questions, answers and images" Version for printing out and folding in three, pdf in Russian and English

Leech Dina M. "Satellites and Sensors Tell us More about the Giant Ice Rings of Siberian Lakes", Limnology and Oceanography Bulletin, 2018, Vol 27 issue 4.

Circles in thin ice, Lake Baikal, Russia. NASA Earth Observatory

Granin N.G., Mizandrontsev I.B., Kozlov V.V., Tsvetova E.A., Gnatovskii R.Yu., Blinov V.V., Aslamov I.A., Kucher K.M., Ivanov V.G., Zhdanov A.A. Natural ring structures on the Baikal ice cover: Analysis of experimental data and mathematical modeling. Russian Geology and Geophysics (2018), Vol 59, Issue 11, p. 1514-1525,

Granin N.G. Ringed Baikal //Science from first hands, 2009 (3)::22-23 (in Russian).

Granin N.G., Kozlov V.V., Tsvetova E.A., Gnatovskiy R.Yu. Field studies and some results of numerical modelling of ring structure of Lake Baikal ice //Proceedings of the Russian Academy of Sciences; 2015; 461(3):343-347 (In Russian).

Hsu, J. 2009. Mystery of giant ice circles resolved

Ice rings continue to appear on Lake Baikal ice. ScanEx web site, 21 May 2013.

Daily images of ice conditions, "Baikal center" (In Russian)

Ring structure on lake Baikal ice - manifestation of geological processes "Baikal Center" (In Russian)

Unique phenomena of Lake Baikal on satellite images, ScanEx web site, 20 July 2015